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Thank you for your interest in volunteering to help MN Special Hockey. MN Special Hockey is the only stand up ice hockey program specifically designed for individuals with intellectual disabilities. As a board, our goal is for each MN Special Hockey athlete to have a similar experience regardless of what team they play for.  In order for this to happen, we need many volunteers to assist in making sure each team has the "best practices" we have identified. We have found our teams with the most success have active social media programs, station based practices to ensure our athletes are moving the entire time, provide fun and exciting game environments, have plenty of on ice helpers and make new players and families feel welcome.  We are seeking volunteers who currently have skaters in our program and volunteers who do not have skaters in our program. Thank you for your interest!

Susie MacMillan

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Below are descriptions for some of the positions we are seeking assistance for each team. We are also looking for assistance with the entire program either as a board member or as a committee member. Please review the team volunteer job descriptions to determine how you believe you could best support Minnesota Special Hockey. 


Please direct questions to:

Susie (Miller) MacMillan

Phone: 612.325.3392